About E

Hey, I’m E.


I am gradually finding safe spaces to express myself, and since I am not exactly the best at verbal dialogue, and I love writing. Getting responses is even more amazing and communicating with other relatable like-minded people also pondering their way through life is a great experience. 

I have pretty strong views. I have a whole big personality that a lot of people don’t see. I like to express my opinion, but my voice sometimes decides to ignore my brain. We’re working on that – my brain and I have a tumultuous relationship – at least I can type.

I have “depression and anxiety with panic symptoms”. After 8 years, finally, an official diagnosis…mixings of OCD and bulimia nervosa thrown in the mix earlier on there too. Not that any of that defines me – I just talk about MH issues here, so that’s a heads up if you’re triggered easily or you don’t want to hear about it. That’s cool. This space is for me. Interact as much or as little as you want.

This is a space for me, to be me, completely. It’s mostly random ramblings – as you might have guessed – as I too embark upon the long, windy, treacherous, uphill, bumpy, rugged road to…well ultimately, death. Anyway, there isn’t really a theme, other than just ‘me’. 

Please feel free to leave comments. I usually do follow backs. This is a calm and friendly non-judgmental space for the sharing of honest, intellectual, and probably at times boring, thoughts from the scrambly mess that is my mind.


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