Sexist bullies on international women’s day 2016…

A few of the insults I (anonymously) received for sharing my views on equality and engaging in intelligent debate about the use of the term feminism and calling someone out for the objectification and sexualisation of women…

NB: I am ‘acorn’, the good guy is ‘socks’ and anyone else is three different people with similarly awful minds, views, and words… italics are my retrospective thoughts.

See for yourself:

  1. God it’s easy to tell you’re a woman. So fucking boring
  2. What’s your snapchat? Fancy a shag?
  3. I very much doubt you look like kayley cuoco so you’d be in for a marathon (at this point I gained some self esteem…)
  4. Apparently being the key word.. If you have to assure someone over an anonymous app I’m sure you look like an old bowl of porridge (I burst out laughing at this one…)
  5. Look, I’ve never been more disappointed with someone’s ability to give chat than you on this thread. You are worse than ugly, you’re boring
  6. You just need a good cock to pump some sense into you
  7. Good lad socks, smash her in for me (words to someone standing up for me and offering to talk somewhere else)
  8. I’m surprised he’s still with you, you are without a doubt the most mundane individual I’ve ever come across. He’ll dump you soon
  9. Good lord you’re boring
  10. Feminism has corrupted your thoughts, it has no relevance in the 21st century. Women’s sport, joke. Women in high powered jobs, joke. Women doing anything, joke.
  11. I also called you mundane, you’re personality upsets me, you have the conversational capacity of a vegetable. (It really irritates me that this guy did not understand the use of ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ that he literally used them the total opposite way round…)
  12. Proud of you for pursuing it sock. She sounds like a right virgin. She could probably do with a filling. (When someone was engaging in debate with me and offering to move the conversation away from these people)
  13. Also, socks, you’re a fucking flannel, you’re the reason women have dreams (to the same guy)
  14. I know you want it really you filthy little whore.
  15. Oh. My. God. You are completely abscent of personality, I pity the poor bastard who ends up with you. He’ll end his life or shag your sister.
  16. He needs to be warned, you’d be better off with a cardboard cut out to match your level of conversation. Well by the time you’re married she’ll be ripe. (Advice for my partner, and the second sentence referring to my sister, who I clarified was still in school…)
  17. Give it a fucking rest now Acorn
  18. Get a life
  19. I bet your muff is hairy and un-kept you little rodent
  20. I tell you who certainly isn’t ripe, you. You insignificant, dull, horrendously insufferable little piece of average. Your sister however.. She’ll be ready to bite into very soon.
  21. And the state of your muff is all you have going for you, youre just a hole for a cock. (I corrected the above assumption with the fact that I am actually clean shaven at present, but this does not have any bearing on anything, as I pointed out)
  22. Oh fuck off socks you wet flannel. You’re worse than her (Again, directed to the guy standing up for me)
  23. Socks hiding behind the woman. Especially hilarious after his little attempt at chirping earlier. ‘do you have kik?’. Desperate little lemon.
  24. Well what happened, or didn’t happen, to make you so boring you make my mind implode from lack of stimulation
  25. You’ve both been fantastic little nibblers but I must adjourn to bed. Good night and good luck! (Whatever that means)
  26. God Lord, you nibbled and I threw you back in the ocean.. Go away
  27. You are an inspiration op (To the guy insulting me…)
  28. Acorn your sad and lonely. Now shut up. (I’m actually the most happy and fulfilled I’ve ever been…ironically)
  29.  Oh fuck off acorn, you’re like a blank piece of A4, fucking boring. Go back to trying to desperately keep your ‘partner’ and wait for the inevitable breakup and crushing loneliness. (Not sure if he meant I was pretending that I had a partner or mocking me for the use of the word, or it was in response to him assuming my partner was male…)
  30. I hope you cry yourself to sleep tonight, with only your fingers up your neglected cavity to keep you company.


I refrained from using any foul language throughout this vile exchange and continued to argue my case with valid points and attempt to get these lowlifes to understand. All they did was prove why gender equality still has such a long way to go, and it was deeply saddening. They see a woman as a ‘hole to be filled’; they wished me loneliness and a break up for being ‘boring’ and having an opinion on equality; they insulted the person agreeing with me; called me a ‘virgin’ as though that’s an insult; presumed I ‘need’ a man to fulfil me; commented on the state of my pubic hair for some unknown reason; and insulted someone trying to support me… I don’t feel like I need to add much to this – it’s pretty self explanatory. And really really sad.


I don’t take it personally, because it’s anonymous, but I take it as an insult to women everywhere and to all those fighting for equality to be so shortsighted and disgusting. I do not understand how there is still such a long way to go or how anyone can claim that feminism is not important in our society. This is one person’s experience, in one place in the world, in a developed country, in a white middle class Western (i.e. ‘privileged’) area. Imagine what it’s like living somewhere else, being someone else, and experiencing sexism, along with whatever other kind of discrimination you have to face on a daily basis.


I will not give up writing about this or fighting for this because if things like this are not exposed, I dread to think how long such damaging exchanges will drag out into the future. What if these affect someone when they’re at a low point? Luckily for me I am at a relatively stable point this week, so I could laugh it off, but I could be anyone, I could have had anything happen to me. And these people behave in this manner… It sickens me. It really does.



E x




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