Testing dictation

Okay so after some difficulty I’ve rediscovered how to turn on dictation on my laptop don’t know how accurately translate my voice into text and also the grammar and punctuation will be absolutely everywhere. Hello I tried to write like a whole paragraph Lycos and it’s already any sense and I’m going really angry so I decided just to shout at my laptop and see what it puts on the paper–that way yours might have even worse sense of how active you in my head because where are okay? It doesn’t make any sense Assembly ideas going on at once and after one thing about what goes on to the page I had my mouth when I had to say what’s going on I cannot function like a proper normal human being and I get so angry with myself and it’s self-destructive I know that.

Instead of shouting and getting angry, I am going to attempt to do this properly and make actual post about the way I’m feeling all the things I’m generally annoyed with to see if it recognises that those ways but I feel are valid enough to effectively translate into this document. Okay so I just burped and it translated to ‘ama’, so that’s what about sounds like apparently. I wish I discovered this dictation sooner (getting a text translates as the word ‘in’ from the vibrations on the desk). It would have been pretty useful throughout my degree, which I literally finished on Friday, as this would give me a way of being a letter and realise understand and structure my beliefs or my opinions and my ideas in my head instead of having to somehow metaphorically rip them as my brain chunks and reassemble them like 1000 piece puzzle so that anyone else can make any sense of my mind. I probably like a completely crazy person anyone selling outside looking in my window because I am just being really expressive towards my laptop and waving arms about everywhere probably making eye contact with the WebCam so maybe they think I’m doing some sort of interpretive dance which is pretty funny.

I give up with this dictation thing right now but maybe when I’m feeling a little calmer I’ll give it another go. There are already improvements in that last sentence–I guess it just takes some getting used to. Paragraph

Okay there we go. Easy. Know the letter E. Are


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