I can’t sleep

This isn’t unusual. I might read for a bit. I went back through my old blog posts – well all except the ones that somehow got lost. I don’t think I’m going to be able to write much meaningful stuff until I get back in the zone where I was able to write that. It’s about trichotillomania, or a BFRB, or a habit – whatever you want to call it, the label doesn’t matter, it’s the feeling that I discussed. It doesn’t make sense in my head at the moment and it’s pretty bad because I’m pretty stressed, but I know I can convey it and when I have the time I’ll try to reproduce those 2000 words as best I can. It’s pretty hard losing work, and it happens, and it’s horrible, but losing something you’ve produced that only exists in your head and you finally had the courage to write about is particularly distressing. I hope to get that post out again, even if it takes a couple of weeks or a few months. Because it’s important for me in understanding myself. Something that is pretty tricky at the moment.

I might not post on here for several days, so Happy New Year to all, and I hope it’s a positive one,



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