Dear Sammy

So I met you a few months ago now. I was feeling a bit of a mess but I was having a fun night: I was just being young and having a laugh with my friends; my MH problems weren’t too prominent during that week; and I felt confident. And I felt pretty attracted to you. Which was something quite new. We just clicked, and I don’t know why, and I’ve not seen you since, but it was a beautiful moment that we shared, at least in my mind. You’re the only girl I’ve ever kissed, and it made me realise we shouldn’t need to define ourselves by our sexuality, we shouldn’t need to define ourselves with so many labels all the time at all, we should just live the human experience and be happy when we encounter people or experiences that make us happy. I wouldn’t say I was ‘bisexual’ but neither do I need to say if I am ‘heterosexual’ – it’s simply irrelevant. People will come and go from our lives and we will have different forms of interaction with them. It’s something I think about often, the time I met you. Not many people know about you, not even my closest friends. And I wish we’d had a chance to talk more. I gave you my number but I never heard from you – maybe you’ve completely forgotten about me, but that’s ok, because you helped me realise we don’t have to live our lives by set definitions. We should just be ourselves and treasure those moments that do make us happy in the present. Thank you Sammy, for opening my eyes.



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