The Graduate

The sound of silence. That’s what I’ll hear when they’re gone. The friends I love dearly that are a huge part of my life at University that happen to be graduating in just over a week’s time…

It’s terrifying how many of them don’t know where they’re going next. People leaving, moving on with their lives, back to all the corners of the country, of the world, where they came from, off to pastures new, and never in the same place. Everyone comes from different places, they meet and connect and then they’re torn apart by circumstances – it’s the same for all types of relationships, friends, family, lovers, the lot. Nothing is ever fixed. That’s why we have to establish ourselves in the middle of it, make everything in your life work around you. It’s hard to think just for the present when it hits that you’ve got to figure out how to live, how to work, how to survive, out in the big wide world – and at the same time be happy. It’s all too much sometimes. But we’ll get past it. Like the people in our lives. We’ll all move on.

Sometimes it can be easy to cling onto memories, to wish yourselves back to those moments: the moment you canoed down the river in the sunshine with your friends; the moment you were taken camping in the pouring rain and you were drenched and frozen and tired and your tent broke; the moment you played football on the beach in the sunset… the people that were once there  either are gone or will be gone soon. It’s important to value the relationships we do have, realise how great those friendships are at this point in our lives – but it can be hard when it feels like so many people are going somewhere in their life and you’re stuck in the mess of yours.

So I guess you have to remember to be happy, focus on what makes you you, and be grateful for the people that do come and go in your life: try your very hardest to hold on to those that have made your life what it is.



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